Getting out more

I met Natalie and Tim from Decisive Flow just before Christmas. I’ve been following their blog and keeping an eye out for their public beta since they had some media coverage about PlanHQ a few months back, so it was good to meet them in person and talk a little about what they’re doing. I was a bit surprised when Natalie told me I was the first Trade Me person she had actually met.

Have we been that elusive? Stink!

I had two excellent opportunities to talk about Trade Me in 2006, firstly at Webstock in Wellington in May and later at TechEd in Auckland. The audiences at these conferences were quite different, but in both cases full of interesting people working with technology. Both were like a direct injection of enthusiasm. I really enjoyed sharing some of what we’ve learned so far at Trade Me and it seemed to be pretty well received (*).

I’m keen to get out of the office even more this year.

(*) If you’re interested, there are videos available online for both of my presentations: Webstock presentation, TechEd keynote.

One thought on “Getting out more”

  1. Very keen to be getting out and about more too, and it’s as much us not getting out and about too that lead to us not having met too many people from Trademe.

    On the whole I think its a good approach to lead through communication and interaction, I end up spending so much time getting my hands dirty that I often let others look after communication, but I think this years the time to turn that around.

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