Doug Bowman & first posts

January 22, 2007

A few years back Doug Bowman’s was one of the first blogs that I subscribed to (once I figured out what RSS was!) Having a chance to meet and spend some time with Doug when he was in Wellington for Webstock was definitely one of the highlights of last year for me.

So, it’s great to see him vowing to write more frequently again. He points at his very first post from 2002. A lot of what he wrote then resonates with me, having just started out on this myself.

This log of thoughts is mostly for my own record, but if you’re along for the ride, welcome.

Inspired by this, I decided to try and track down other first posts from some other favourite long-time bloggers. Here are some links, in chronological order:

It’s interesting how many of these posts are from December/January – obviously a popular time of year to be making a start.