3 thoughts on “Get a haircut and get a real job”

  1. That’s excellent. You should totally run that. Don’t let Trade Me fall into that space where it’s afraid to do stuff you think is good just because it might rub a few people the wrong way.

  2. That’s an interesting one. It would certainly get peoples attention, and probably have them talking about it – especially seeing as Ben’s a reasonably well know Wellington icon.

    However, the ad can be intrepreted in many ways. one possibility upon seeing this ad is to draw the conclusion that TM’s exploiting Ben. Even if you’d worked out some sort of sweet deal for Ben behind the scenes, I think you’d still deeply offend some people who made judgements based on what they saw, and you’d put a dint in the TM brand.

    I attach the “nice and friendly” emotions to the TM brand. Depending on how the ad was intrepreted, it could conflict with the positive impression and cause a rethinking of perspective on TM.

    Personally I think you made a good choice not to run with it.

  3. ‘Get a Haircut, get a real job’ id the title of a song I heard in a shopping mall. I don’t know the singer, but thinkit was a 1960’s hit. I;m trying to get hold of a copy for a friend, who needs to give his sin-in-law the nudge.

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