The difficult second album

Scott Adams (he’s the guy who created Dilbert) had an interesting post recently about why musicians find it so difficult to continue to have hit albums. He thinks that it’s because they end up competing with themselves. I think he’s probably right.

When Trade Me was sold I got some good advice from somebody who is wiser and older than me along the lines of:

Just because you’ve had one success, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re bulletproof.

But, I guess the flip side of that is becoming too scared to try anything new – it’s going to struggle in comparison with Trade Me, surely!

Seth Godin, in his recent post about opportunity cost, is on the money I reckon:

Failure now means never failing.

Bonus link: while I’m talking about Scott Adams, here’s another interesting recent post from him: Happiness Formula. What are your two?

One thought on “The difficult second album”

  1. Health, definitely. it’s in the too hard basket for now. Especially since “relationships” basically takes a wild, weird ride once you have kids. It ain’t their fault but they definitely make it easier to give up health than the other two. You’ll always be father to your kids even if you don’t have any income. But the wife is a different story. Nice post Rowan.

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