The rise and rise of IE7

Juha posted recently about his server stats, noting that IE7 has overtaken IE6 and that Firefox is now 1/3rd of the market.

This is a reflection of the tech-savvy-ness of his audience.

Looking at the server stats for February across all of the Trade Me sites:

  • IE7 has increased to 26.7%. While this is up from 12.2% in December it is still some way behind IE6 at 55.3%
  • Firefox users are slowly shifting across to Firefox 2.0, which is now up to 6.4%. But, the overall market share across the three different versions of Firefox combined is steady at just under 13%, where it has been for the last 6 months.
  • Windows Vista (or is that Vus-tah in this part of the world?) is only just on the radar at 0.6%.

Interesting times!

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