PlanHQ has launched

I’m a couple of days late with this, but …

PlanHQ has launched

Congratulations to the team (Tim, Natalie, Koz, Ben, Oliver + Nik).

You have a great v1 product. Now the real fun begins!

Here is a good quote:

“If you ship your product and you’re not a little ashamed of it, you shipped too late”
— Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn


If you haven’t heard of PlanHQ yet, it’s a tool designed to transform your business plan into a living online document which can be viewed and maintained by your whole team. This makes it much easier to keep your plan up-to-date as you go. It’s also great if you’re just starting out on the process of creating a plan, as it guides you thorough the various sections you should include. Take a tour.

I like this description:

“[It’s] a system as flexible as a wiki with focus on business plan development.”

From: A roundup for developers developers developers


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