Paul Graham

A while back Natasha (who works with us at Trade Me and is also one of the people behind Webstock) asked me to nominate my dream speaker for their next conference.

For me it was an easy question to answer: Paul Graham.

If you’re not familiar with his writing, please stop embarrassing me by reading this relative drivel and go and read some of his stuff instead.

His latest article is here:

Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Here is a quote that appealed to me:

“If you took a nap in your office in a big company, it would seem unprofessional. But if you’re starting a startup and you fall asleep in the middle of the day, your cofounders will just assume you were tired.”


5 thoughts on “Paul Graham”

  1. I second your nomination. Paul is be one of the most fluent and practical writers around and in my personal top 10 as well.

    Paul can make even programming (LISP) seem interesting! He does have a lot of advice for startups and his YCombinator group have been very helpful there. I have been working on a startups post around some of his ideas – but he is hard to top.

    I particularly like one of his essays called “How to Do What You Love” which I wrote about as a kind of New Years eve resolution piece on my blog at

    I also reference a number of other sources there including the ChangeThis manifestos which is where I came accross Paul’s writing.

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