DVDs on Trade Me

Last week we released some changes to the DVD category on Trade Me.

Here is the site announcement about this change:

“We’ve made some exciting changes to the DVDs & Movies category designed to make life easier for buyers and sellers.

To place a listing sellers just need to enter the DVD title and we will automatically include all of the other details from our catalogue of over 10,000 titles. This includes cover art, genre, synopsis, director, cast, classification, etc.

Buyers can browse all of the items for sale from the new DVDs & Movies page. Listings are categorised by genre such as Drama or Action, or by other criteria such as New Releases, Top 100 and New Zealand movies.

Important information for sellers:

  • Sellers who have exceeded their free listing allowance will not be charged listing fees for DVDs listed using the catalogue. However, successful DVD sales will continue to count towards your overall free listing allowance.
  • DVDs listed using the catalogue can be listed for up to 14 days at no extra charge.
  • We encourage DVD sellers to list with a start price equal to reserve and to include a Buy Now price. A 25c reserve fee will apply to auctions with a reserve price higher than the start price.
  • DVDs listed using the catalogue receive free gallery. Bold and featured listings are no longer available. All sellers with DVD listings at the time of this change have had promotional fees refunded.
  • All of the titles in the catalogue are classified for sale in NZ. However, sellers must confirm that the specific DVD they are selling is a legitimate copy with a NZ classification sticker.”

(although, of course you already subscribed to the RSS feed for these announcements, right?)

If you haven’t yet, take a minute and check it out.

This change is great for buyers. It makes it much easier to browse the DVD category, as the focus is on the titles rather than on individual listings. So, for example, you can quickly find all of the movies starring Brad Pitt, or all of the movies directed by Tim Burton. If you’re after a specific title you can use to the search on the sidebar to track it down.

It will be interesting to see what happens to prices over the next couple of weeks, once the majority of listings are within this catalogue. For example, take Once Were Warriors. As I type there are 8 copies available on the site. The Buy Now prices range from $15 up to $24. It’s hard to believe that the $24 copy will sell now that it’s easy for buyers to quickly find and compare all copies for sale like this.

We’ve also introduced a ‘reserve fee’ of 25c in this category, which should encourage sellers to run auctions with start = reserve (i.e. we don’t expect many sellers to pay this fee) and we encourage sellers to specify fixed shipping costs and a Buy Now price so that buyers can complete the purchase in one visit.

But, it’s not all about the buyers. As described in the announcement this change also removes just about all of the pain from the sell process too. Where as in the past you’d need to track down the details for the listing (e.g. from IMDB) and take photos etc, it’s now very quick and easy to place a listing. You just enter the title of the DVD and we do the rest!

What do you think?

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