Lip Dubbing

This looks like a lot of fun…

If you liked that there are lots more like it here…

This would make for an awesome team building exercise. Mix people up into teams of half-a-dozen or so. Give each team a video camera, an iPod with some songs pre-loaded (+ a print out of the lyrics!) and perhaps a laptop to do the editing and over-dubbing. Then give them a couple of hours to choose a song and put their masterpiece together.

There is lots of room for creativity: one singer or the whole band, the straight lip-synch or perhaps a bit of a story line, all in one take or with a bunch of editing, some dancing in unusual locations, or a re-make of the original music video (or even a re-make of a re-make).

At the end get everybody back together to watch the final results, perhaps throw in the odd prize for cinematography or whatever.

Would be wicked. :-)

UPDATE: I notice the video I linked to is actually the team behind the Vimeo site. Looks like a good crew eh!

2 thoughts on “Lip Dubbing”

  1. Nice, that looks like super fun.

    I reckon it would be fun too to get a small team together (work and/or mates) and make a short film using nothing but a point and shoot camera with video mode, or even a cell phone, plus some editing.

  2. Damn that was classy. Great advertising for vimeo. Looking forward to the TradeMe rendition of ‘Slice of Heaven’.

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