Little brother syndrome

May 14, 2007

Is Crowded House an Australian band or a New Zealand band.

It turns out the answer is: wrong question!

This recently from Neil Finn:

I have never said that Crowded House was an Australian or a New Zealand band. Fact is, we were from both countries, but either way I don’t believe it matters where we we’re from, it’s only the music that counts and you either like it or you don’t. These are trivial matters but I mention them because some in New Zealand spend too much time worrying about Australia. If they take credit for some of our stuff it’s not that big a deal. We should be calmly confident enough not to care. And anyway, they don’t spend any time worrying about us.

Neil Finn, NZ Herald 10th May 2007

I like the idea of calm confidence.

But I guess it depends: do you want to be great or be seen to be great?