Do business with New Zealand

How is the 100% Pure NZ site promoting NZ businesses?

Look at the two links:

Travel: Funky font. Exciting colour. Wicked.

Business: Grey! Times New Roman! Yawn. :-(

It looks to me like this splash page, where visitors are forced to choose between travel and business, is a recent addition.

I wonder what the bulk of the visitors to this site are after?

My guess would be travel. So, why not get rid of this choice altogether? Just default to the much nicer travel site landing page and have an obvious link in the navigation to segue those people who are interested into the business section.

2 thoughts on “Do business with New Zealand”

  1. I totally agree with you. I suspect they have done this because there is no landing page for the business section – instead you are forced to select buy, invest, sell etc and you are then farmed to different websites depending on your selection. For example the buy link takes you to the Market New Zealand site whereas the invest link takes you to Investment New Zealand site etc. As you suggest I think it would have been much better to default to travel. There is useful information in the travel section about New Zealand for business travellers and it is a far more engaging experience than the business websites.

  2. Yes I agree, it’s a little surprising to see a splash page on such a major site, as I would have thought If you looked at the various entry points for visitors the division between business and travel would not be the major one.

    When we design sites, homepage entry points are the first point of call for our design efforts, and a great way of getting everyone focusing on the key things that customers are looking for and giving them an in immediately.

    I would have thought that from this change the bounce rate would increase significantly, but I guess they’ll be scanning their google analytics to confirm this, and using the facts to make their decisions about design accordingly… I hope so.

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