2 thoughts on “Google Wiider”

  1. I’ve had a go and it’s all good. Google Reader worked OK on the wii beforehand but there was no way to get to full screen mode so you always had the subscriptions on the left hand side and you had to zoomin and scroll to get just the articles on screen. The new wii version starts in full screen mode and you press a button on the wiimote to get your list of subscriptions as an overlay.

    I haven’t tried Trade Me but the Wii “Internet Channel” is basically the full Opera browser so it shouldn’t be a problem going direct to the website. You could lie on the couch watching TV and in the ad-breaks flip to the Wii channel and make a few bids and flip back.

    I flipped to YouTube one evening and ended up spending a couple of hours watching clips. I don’t know if this reflects badly on me or NZ TV, maybe both.

    The wiimote is a really natural interface for browsing just point at the screen and click, perhaps even more intuitive than the mouse! Entering text is the only hassle because it pops up an onscreen keyboard that you have to click at (altho it does have predictive text which saves a few clicks).

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