All the cliches in the world

Here is a fun game to play next time you’re watching a rugby game on Sky…

Count how many times the commentators say: “All the [blah] in the world”.

There are lots of variants:

  • All the time in the world
  • All the space in the world
  • All the pace in the world
  • All the skills in the world

You get the idea.

Grant Nisbett is especially fond of this phrase.

Score a bonus point each time Jerry Collins is prefixed “All Black Hardman”.

Or, if you just can’t take it anymore, you can switch to The Alternative Rugby Commentary, broadcast direct to your living room via Skype.

I was put onto this by Kristin Savage, whose new blog is another I’m following.

Kristin is the guy behind Availabuild, a new competitor in the very popular “” category. They have a slightly different approach, focusing on solving the problem of availability: you don’t want to have to call a hundred tradesman just to find one who is available when you need them, and they really don’t want to be constantly interrupted by your call. It’s an interesting idea. I’m sure they’d be keen to hear what you think of their implementation.

One thought on “All the cliches in the world”

  1. Ahh the alternative commentary. I haven’t heard any of the recent series “live on stage” ones, but I remember the side splitting Sparky Plugs and Friendly Brains ones on Radio Active back in the late 80s/early 90s.

    BTW Wasn’t John Campbell (of TV3) part of the Sparky and Friendly Duo?

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