Constant improvement

Are you taking advantage of the web platform and constantly making small improvements to your software?

Or have you got an excuse for why this is too hard (your application is too complex, you can’t easily deploy changes without interrupting users, you can’t afford the testing costs associated with each release, you prefer to focus on the bigger headline stuff, etc, etc)?

Here’s what Google achieves

“… half a dozen major or minor changes are introduced in Google’s search engine every week, and each change can affect the ranking of many sites — although most are barely noticed by the average user.”

That’s the benchmark.

3 thoughts on “Constant improvement”

  1. Release early, release often. I think Microsoft PMs missed school “innovation day” class – just look at Live Search and see how useless is the service.

  2. Hmmm. Not counting that Windows Vista seems to be a permanent beta these days, and SP1 is constantly denied as “in progress”.

    Why don’t they fix things quick and early in the process is beyond me. Lots of hotfixes are available but on request only – John Doe doesn’t know how to search “KB articles”, contact Microsoft and ask for files to be sent in a ZIP format – and why Hotfixes come as a password protected ZIP?

    All too hard. They didn’t learn anything with Windows XP, obviously.

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