Bring on the Bose!

After a bit of faffing around I finally got Parallels up and running earlier in the week.

So, with access to IE7 again for the first time in a while I decided to try again to buy the Blackbox M-14 headphones I’ve had my eye on (see my previous post for the back story).

I hit their homepage, already anticipating the enhanced quietness that was now only a few clicks away …

Install Flash 8


So, I installed Flash 8 and, held my breath as I tried again to get through the check-out pages.

Woo hoo, it worked.

But then, this:

System Busy


The next day I walked into the Bose store (which is dangerously close to the Xero office!) and walked out with a pair of QC3s. It was too easy. Offline shopping just works so well.

I don’t want to completely bag the guys working on this site. I got a comment back from Leon at Oktobor to say that they were onto the problems I pointed out last time and were working to make it better. It wasn’t just words – they have re-labeled the buttons on the check-out form to make them more intuitive. And, I got an email from them later in the day to say they had been having some technical problems and I should try again, which at least shows that they are now tracking abandoned orders. But, by then it was too late.

3 thoughts on “Bring on the Bose!”

  1. I have disliked every pair of active noise canceling headphones I have tried so far, muffled and articulate as the cookie monster. I either go for inner ear style cans or circumaural and open. Try a pair of well broken in high end sennheisser or grado to hear what I mean. I am looking forward to trying the inner ear blackbox cans.

  2. Rowan you are being far too kind – it seems they are doing everything they can to prevent you from buying online.

    I’ve purchased 3 different noise canceling headphones over the years. I got them all overseas. But as Patrick says, they all suck.

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