My Football Club

This is great:

These guys are trying to sign up 50,000 members in order to buy their own UK football club. They already have 45,000+ confirmed.

Top of their wish list of clubs: Leeds United, which was in the Premiership when I arrived in London but has since fallen on hard times. That would be awesome.

By the looks they have picked up sponsorship from EA Games, who possibly see this as an extension of their popular FIFA Manager game.

Will be fun to watch and see what happens.

3 thoughts on “My Football Club”

  1. Do you think its a scam?? i personally am very interested in it. think its a very cunning idea to generate a massive fan base for a club that would not have the fan base of the traditional giants of teh english game. I also like there stealth way of funding the club, ie that for 35 quid your a memmber, but members will go to games, so therefore the club will generate huge operating capital from the increase in gate recipts. Quality marketing too. interested to hear your opinion.

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