Hardware as a service

I’ve always struggled to explain Amazon’s web services, S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Computer Cloud).

They didn’t seem to fit into any existing category.

And their slightly obscure names, although very descriptive, once you understand them, didn’t help.

In a recent O’Reilly Radar post Tim O’Reilly suggests a much better name:

Hardware as a service.

That’s it!

One thought on “Hardware as a service”

  1. I think of them as a utility for the web. Real life has water and power. The internet has services such as S3 and EC2. Amazons EC2 service is great. Usually over delivers in terms of performance and is somewhat easy to administrate.

    For anyone interested the EC2 Firefox UI is really handy, as is the Video Tutorial(with geeky accent to boot) because the documentation is a tad sketchy in one or two places. For those who prefer to suffer Ruby there are Ruby tools available also. Otherwise Amazon is inflicted with Java by default.

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