Colour Blender

Here is a nice tool to use to create a simple colour palette for a website (courtesy of Rob Howard):

Simply enter the details of one colour that you like and the tool will suggest a palette of other complimentary colours to use.

Here is another tip: if you have a photograph or logo as part of your site design you can pick out one of the colours from the image to use as the starting colour.

For example, the palette I use on this site is based on RGB 239/227/181, which is one of the colours in the photo in the header.

Enjoy :-)

One thought on “Colour Blender”

  1. Adobe’s ‘kuler’ is good for finding colour themes and integrates with some of Adobe’s products (such as Flash). There’s also a Dashboard widget for it I think.

    I find it better at finding complementary colours that are not necessarily so adjacent in the colour spectrum – but it’s a shame they made it so hard to extract the hex & RGB values.

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