I just wrote this …

I was living in the UK during the Rugby World Cup in 2003 when England became the first Northern Hempishpere team to win.

(As an aside, I was also living in Australia in 1999 when the All Blacks got beaten by France in the semis and Australia went on to win. All Blacks fans will be pleased to hear I’m planning on staying in NZ for the next six weeks!)

One of the things that kept me sane in the land of Jonny Wilkinson during those dark days was Inky.

I’ve talked before here about his weekly missives.

Steve, a reader from the US, has pointed out to me that Inky’s updates have dried up since the end of the Tri-Nations.

I find it hard to believe that at the start of the World Cup Inky doesn’t have an opinion to share.

Can anybody help?

If you’re reading Inky, we miss you!

And then, this in my inbox …

He’s back, and he’s reconditioned.


One thought on “Reconditioned?”

  1. In 1999 I was in California when we lost to the French. And I was in California again for this one. I’m never going back there during a World Cup again. Paddy O’Brien needs a serve for appointing a ref who’s first test was last year to a match involving two of the top four teams in the world! How about splashing out and appointing at least a top 4 ref for one of the four most important games of the RWC. He reckons Kiwis should grow up. Looks like he decided one of his pet projects would be the right choice for a huge game like that and now he’s looking a bit sheepish, so he blames the fans! What a sport. It’s the fans fault they can’t use technology! It’s the fans fault they care about the game enough to want the result based on the players playing and not a blind ref. I wonder if I could run my business that way? Blame the customer when I screw up…

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