Photo Framr

Here is an idea for a product I would love to buy …

A web-enabled digital photo frame.

In other words:

  • A digital photo frame (see: Coby DP102 10″ Widescreen, for example)
  • Which can connect to the internet, ideally wirelessly
  • And import new photos to display automatically, for example via a Flickr RSS feed

It sounds very geeky, but I’m sure it could be done in a user friendly way.

This is really one for all the grand-parents out there (remember it’s only 53 shopping days until Christmas).

Rather than constantly sending them your latest photos as email attachments how cool would it be to give them one of these!

Does anybody know if something like this already exists?

If not, is there anybody out there who could build something like this for me?

12 thoughts on “Photo Framr”

  1. I have reversed the LCD panel on a couple of old laptops, they then “stand-up” in an a-frame way and run the my pictures screen saver with good results. Much larger than the poxy little screens and also better viewing angles.

    Drop me a line if interested – either you supply parts or I can source something.


  2. Excellent idea… If every home gets one, there will be a great incentive to hack the wifi security and upload ads (or worse).


  3. Have you thought of adding the idea to the boiling pot that is Cambrian House? – it’s a crowdsourcing idea incubator. Someone might pick it up and run with it and commercialise it, and you could be part of it.

    The chumby would make me squint but it does look cool. What about a digital wireless picture frame that was solar powered… that would be cool

  4. You know I know this sort of stuff. :)

    Has been the best I’ve seen so far that works with RSS, Email, Flckr, thats if you want to pay the monthly subscription fees.

    Gotta love SaaS, it’s not $50 per month but you will still feel like you have bought the product over and over when you calculate the fees over a year or two.

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