Primal Scream

If you didn’t already, I recommend you check out the Your Best Shot 2007 thread on the Flickr Central group message board.

There are some really amazing photos – all taken by Flickr members in the last 12 months.

My entry, called ‘Primal Scream’ (below), was included in today’s Flickr blog selections, which is pretty cool. :-)

Primal Scream

Choosing my best shot of the year was easy. This photo was taken just a few seconds after the arrival of #2 in April, so I was lucky that the best photo I happened to snap coincided with the best thing to happen during the year.

I originally called the photo ‘Feet Still In’ but decided that was in bad taste. :-(

I’ve added some others that I like to my favourites on Flickr, including these:

125th Street 4 by Daniella Zalcman

Double Carpet 33/1 by _Harry Lime_

singing beach #11 by sandcastlematt

Red, White & Blueberry by JasonTromm