Twelve months later

“What matters for most people is not how much they know, but how realistically they define what they don’t know”
– Warren Buffett.

It’s a year since I started this blog.

Thanks to everybody who has read it.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to comment and send emails in response. Your thoughts and insights make me much smarter than I would be otherwise.

Thanks too to any of you who told a friend about this site. It’s been an interesting experiment in word-of-mouth growth. I personally told hardly anybody about it. I just started linking to a few blogs that I enjoyed and let it go from there. The number of people who have subsequently discovered it is pretty amazing. Even my mum found it after only a couple of months, when I mentioned her in one post.

Special thanks to those of you who have your own blog and have linked to my posts. You’ve all made it much easier for people who are looking to find me on Google.

Writing all of this stuff down has forced me to think a bit more about what I believe, and to understand a bit more about what I know and, as per the quote above, what I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it.

Hopefully reading what I’ve written has made you think a little too.

Happy New Year! :-)

4 thoughts on “Twelve months later”

  1. Hi Rowan

    Happy New Year! It would be interesting where the readers are based (geographical based stats?) You may be surprised just how many are outside NZ – I know of a few people in Australia, Singapore and Europe who have subscribed to your RSS feed.

  2. Happy New Year Rowan, keep up the good work. It’s always a fun read. I was hoping you might have weighed in on the Aussie cricket team by now, but my guess is you probably had the TV off judging by your de-clutter list.

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