Foo Baa La La La, Redux

February 4, 2008

I’m still in serious sleep debt after a great weekend at Kiwi Foo Camp (a.k.a. Baa Camp) in Warkworth.

This was my second Foo Camp (my first was this same event last year). Once again it was a surprising mix of people and ideas. Between the wine, warewolf, cricket, banjo, and guitar hero there was just enough time for some excellent presentations and sessions - the ones I attended covered everything from pitching tech stories to media, to electric cars, to shareware, to teaching kids to program…and lots in between.

We even managed to stop en route for an indoor ski, which was bizarre but a lot of fun (imagine a giant fridge sitting on the side of a hill on the outskirts of Auckland and you start to get the idea).

So, in place of more words here are some photos from Flickr and some links:

There were 160 people attending this year, including some familiar faces from last year and some new interesting people :

The un-schedule was all over the spectrum :

And lots of interesting ideas changed hands :.

Those lucky enough to bring a tent managed to avoid the synchronized snoring in the whare :

On Saturday morning Kim Hill interviewed some of the attendees (you can listen to the podcast if you missed it) :

On Saturday night Mike and I thought we had the warewolf sussed :

Garth had our back :

But, it’s always the person you never expect

Well, okay, not [ALWAYS]14] :

Later in the evening some of the villagers just preferred to stay asleep :

At the same time these guys were having a lot of fun with fire (and taking some great timelapse photos):

As was John the next morning :

Russell caught the eye of the scouts from the Indian 20/20 leagues :

And Mauricio made himself comfortable in the commentary position :

Those are NOT beer goggles :

And, at the end of it all, a bunch of happy campers :

But, don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some other attendees thought:

Meanwhile, the Kiwi Foo Camp wikipedia post needs to be updated if anybody has some time to spare.