We’re not normal

This week web folk from around the country will head to Wellington for Webstock (shouldn’t it really be Webstock 2.0?) to hear a great line-up of speakers coming here from around the world (some of them are here already).

So, it’s timely to remind ourselves just what an unusual bunch we are.

Here are some browser stats the Webstock organisers recently published on their blog:

Firefox Internet Explorer Safari

And, here are the equivalent numbers for Trade Me in January:

Firefox Internet Explorer Safari

Spot the difference?

We’re not normal, but if we put our mind to it we can empathise, surely?

PS I use Firefox on my chunky Mac, so if I’m throwing stones here I’m throwing them at myself first. :-)

2 thoughts on “We’re not normal”

  1. Being normal is over rated anyway :P Persuade Sam to put a “get Firefox” link at the bottom of every automated Trade Me email and help to make the world a better place!

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