Go on the Fleet

Last week we (meaning the 28,000-odd members of MyFootballClub.co.uk) completed the takeover of Ebbsfleet United FC:

Yahoo News: Web fans complete takeover of lowly English club

With that out of the way we new owners have quickly gotten on with business, including picking new strips for next season (following the takeover Nike have kindly offered to be the kit sponsor!)

Here are my selections:



The team are currently 9th on the Blue Square Premier Football Conference table, just outside of a promotion playoffs spot. So, they’re only four winning seasons away from the Premiership!

Could be fun. :-)

2 thoughts on “Go on the Fleet”

  1. I joined this some time ago. Exciting stuff.

    Our votes are sometimes just “rubber stamping” of decisions, but I suspect they will improve that over time. Things are still new and we are talking about real money and real players. Which is exactly what makes it exciting!

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