I had a blast at ETech in San Diego.

At every turn there was somebody interesting to meet, chat with or listen to.

I took a ton of notes, with good intentions of turning them into a blog post, but that’s not going to work out.

Instead here are four random/great quotes from the week:

  • Steve Cousins, responding to a question about his proposed open source platform for personal robots: “In the civilian robotics area we don’t really use the words ‘killer application'”
  • “Exercise – the poor mans plastic surgery” – from Kathy Sierra slideware.
  • Nat Torkington, via Twitter, in response to an Ignite presentation by Noel Dickover from the US Department of Defense: “General rule for ETech speakers: ‘decreasing the kill chain’ tends not to be the goal of the average attendee.”
  • Tim Ferris, explaining why his PDA doesn’t have an internet connection: “I don’t trust an inbox in my pocket any more than I trust dark chocolate in my house.”

And, one quirky website:

Finally if you have six and a half minutes to spare, you should check out Saul Griffith’s Ignite presentation on Howtoons (which I can recommend if you have some young kids to entertain) from the first night of the conference:

Saul is a super smart but friendly Aussie, who also did a keynote later in the conference on Energy Literacy, which was also excellent. I really hope this will be available online sometime soon so I can link to it. In the meantime this interview gives you a bit of the flavour: