Just tell them it’s sport

I like this quote from the Sky Sports Magazine advert:

“If you want to drive like a maniac, beat someone up, fire guns, punch a man in the head, shower naked with a group of men … you can. Just tell them it’s sport.”

Can you add anything else to this list?

How about:

Dress up in lycra…

Photo: scoop.co.nz

Or a nappy…

Sumo Tanga

Photo: freakingnews.com

Or a tux…

Photo: snooker.org

Dress all in pink…

Photo: Ian Poulter from golf.com

Or sport a beard and mullet and drink beer (as you become world champion)…

At darts!

Photo: tribuneindia.com

Dress like a clown

Photo: blackhillstravelblog.com

Or worse

Photo: pbs.org

Just tell them it’s sport!

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below. :-)

4 thoughts on “Just tell them it’s sport”

  1. love it!! on a serious note if you have excess baggage when checking in for your air nz flight just tell them that its sports equipment and they allow you an extra 10kgs!! but if its a violin or a computer or books they will charge you LOL Air nzs way to help dum down a nation

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