Medicine Mondiale’s Sexy Science

Idealog Talkies debut this week with an interesting piece about Ray Avery from Medicine Mondiale.

Ray is an impressive guy.  He and his team are trying to do some great things – as the intro to the video says “changing the world from his garage”.

Earlier this year Kathryn Ryan interviewed Ray about his life and work on Nine-To-Noon:

Feature Guest: Ray Avery, 04 Feb 2008 (~28mins)

One of the better things I’ve done in the last year (thanks to an intro from Sam) is agreeing to help them out with a small amount of funding for the infant nutrition project they are working on, which they talk about in the video link above.

It will be exciting to watch and see what they can make of their ideas.

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  1. He’s doing some pretty cool things alright, cool that you’re involved with him, I love how simple he’s making things, just beavering away in his garage with brains, experience and heart in the right place, there’s really no stopping…

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