Not just stadiums

Some of the venues being built in Beijing for this years Olympics look absolutely stunning:

Photos from: New stuff in Beijing

No cake tins to see here!

Still, I’m not sure they beat my current favourite, the Allianz Arena in Munich.

This amazing structure lights up in different colours for night games depending on who is playing.

White when Germany are playing…

Red when Bayern Munich are playing…

And blue when TSV 1860 are playing…

Of course, during a local derby the stadium is neutral…!


2 thoughts on “Not just stadiums”

  1. I have to agree. The first stadium (top picture) was just started construction in early 2005. The guided tour bus had to stop by the construction site on its way to the Great Wall, so everyone could get out and took photos.

  2. Don’t be too harsh on the old Cake Tin. It looks alright and could’ve looked a lot worse and is a good use of the space. And it’s right in the middle of town, from what I recall the Allianz Arena is quite a way out of Munich and just off the highway.

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