Y Combinator = Company Hacking

Paul Graham continues to be my hero. Here is a quote from one of his recent articles:

A new venture animal

“Y Combinator is not in the start-up funding business. Really we’re more of a small, furry steam catapult.”

You’ll have to read the whole thing to get the context, but I recommend that anyway.

While we’re at it, here are another couple of interesting Paul Graham quotes about another Y Combinator company, Reddit:

“Now that conventional ideas have caught up with it, it seems obvious. People look at Reddit and think the founders were lucky. Like all such things, it was harder than it looked. The Reddits pushed so hard against the current that they reversed it; now it looks like they’re merely floating downstream.”
— From: Six principles for making new things


“[Digg] took $2.8 million, whereas reddit, their closest competitor, has taken only $88,000. (I know because Y Combinator funded them.) And yet reddit is not only able to compete, but has a visibly more authentic, participatory feeling. I read that the top 100 Digg users submit 56% of the frontpage stories. The frontpage stories on reddit are much more widely distributed. And that may be because reddit grew organically, through word of mouth, like Flickr and Del.icio.us did.”
— From: TechCrunch interview

2 thoughts on “Y Combinator = Company Hacking”

  1. Interesting. I laboured with this decision for months… Seek U.S. VC capital, or continue with the seed capital I have and grow slow.

    Based on posts here, I chose the later. I might add an angel investor to the equation, but I am a full disciple of growing slow and word of mouth.

  2. My 2 cents:

    Go for it. The cost of starting a website these days is trivial. And if you find that you’ve created something useful (and viable as a company), you’ll know.

    Then just remember you don’t necessarily need all the money a VC is willing to throw at you ;)

    Do let them take you out to lunch, though. Hehe.

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