Trade Me Changes

There have been some interesting changes on Trade Me over the last week.

The “cards” used to display lists of items for sale have had a design upgrade, with bigger fonts and bigger photos.

These two simple things have resulted in good improvements in the past, so the team at Trade Me will be hopeful that the same will be true this time.

I think they are a nice evolution and look great!

I especially like the new photo viewer in Trade Me Property, which means you can now view all of the photos for a listing without having to first click into the listing itself. This makes it much quicker to browse.

But, as always opinion is divided on the message boards.

Trade Me will be amused by the comments, but mostly interested in the numbers. They will probably already know if these changes have had a positive or negative impact on page views, bids and length of time spent on the site. In the past all three of these metrics have been improved just by increasing thumb nail image sizes. In time they will be able to tell if it has resulted in more sales. If you’re keen you can follow this yourself using the published sell-thru rates (the percentage of items listed that actually sell).

Meanwhile, the message boarders have moved on to complaining about postage prices.


Disclaimer: I no longer work at Trade Me or have a financial interest – I’m just an interested observer like the rest of you.

3 thoughts on “Trade Me Changes”

  1. I think the category pages are one of the most important pages on TradeMe, and to me, they havn’t ‘nailed’ the interface, which TradeMe (in the past) has usually been great at doing.

    I usually love change, but the new look (in my opinion) is quite ugly. It just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the TradeMe look. They’ve used Arial font which is not as user friendly as Verdana and the cellpadding on the listings is too high – making it hard to browse lots of listings.

    Does anyone know if TradeMe has new web designers? Because I’ve noticed the new features in the last few months seem to look a lot different now (not as pretty and almost rushed looking) which is a shame.

    On the good side of things, I sell on Trade Me as a regualr and I have noticed my page views have increased (since the change) which is fantastic!

  2. I love the new format and where would the message boards be without something to complain about ;) I can’t wait for TradeMe to raise their fees again (tongue in cheek) it has to be good for their page impressions :)

  3. @auctionitis – I haven’t sold for a while and I noticed that some items are now being charged for (auction end dates and start not equalling reserve) – not sure why that is.

    But i like the larger images – font doesn’t quite work for me and neither do the flags without the outlines.

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