Here’s a useful little utility for OS X:


Monolingual screenshot

It allows you to remove languages, input methods and architectures that you don’t require (think: all of the translated help files that you will never use).

It took about 10 minutes to free up about 1.2 GB on my system. Your results may vary.

PS look closely at the list of languages in the screen shot above and see if any of them are familiar. Klingon, anybody? :-)

3 thoughts on “Monolingual”

  1. This feels somewhat ironic to me, because I’ve spoken to a few Mac advocates who think that it’s absolutely fantastic and ingenius that Macs don’t require you install language packs!

    I’m certainly a heavy supporter of the “install it when you need it” philosophy myself.

  2. It is definitely a great product. I used it quite a while ago. I managed to save over 2GB! The most space came from the Final Cut Studio and CS3 installs.

    Keep up the great blog!

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