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Congratulations to Tim and the rest of the team at PlanHQ for picking up the “Emerging Gold” at the Wellington Gold Awards this week. The list of previous winners of this category is quite impressive, including Icebreaker in 2001 and Virtual Katy in 2005. Hopefully PlanHQ will live up to the billing and go on to great things.

Celebrations aside, there were a couple of ironic moments for me during the evening …

The last time I attended was in 2005, when Trade Me was nominated in the “Cyber Gold” category.

The speaker that night was the Brazilian Ambassador. So, of course, we all went dressed as Brazilian footballer supporters. I was Rowanaldo (on the right):

It wasn’t such a successful night. Maybe we got ahead of ourselves, but on the night we didn’t even win our category.

If you wanted to be really cynical you might say that it didn’t help that at the time we were completely eating the lunch of the major sponsor (in fact just a few months later, said major sponsor would acquire the company!)

Bit, of course I wouldn’t be so bitter and twisted! :-)

I did have a quiet laugh to myself last night when the introduction video to the same category trumpeted the achievements of Sam and Trade Me, going right back to the famous heater story.

Anyway, it was a good night this time around and we all dressed much more sensibly.

Congratulations to Kiwibank and the other 2008 winners.

Disclaimer: I have a small stake in PlanHQ and also generally support Brazil (unless they’re playing England).

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