Smart Photo Resize

A while back I linked to a seemingly magic piece of technology, called “Image Retargeting” which could resize images without distorting the contents.

Well, as somebody recently pointed out to me, this technology is now available for the masses.

Check out:

Load up an image, click on the “Geek” tab, and choose the “Smart Resize” option.

You can shrink or grow the image, and even select specific parts of the image to preserve or remove.

It’s not quite a smooth as the demo in the video, but it’s not bad.

Let me know if you do something interesting with this and I’ll link to the results from here.


One thought on “Smart Photo Resize”

  1. That is some neat technology eh. Good to know it is now available to use, and looks like a nice application overall.

    I doubt it would take place of for me however. Picnik has many similar features, but best of all it has almost perfect integration with Flickr which makes it a complete no brainer. I fully expect them to be purchased by Yahoo! at some point.

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