Who’s using RSS?

The stats for this blog show that most readers are using a feed reader of some kind (predominantly Google Reader).

But, that’s not normal.

Matt Mullenweg has posted some stats across the entire WordPress universe of blogs for the month of May, and the numbers make interesting reading:

  • Active Blogs: 965,041
  • Page Views: 1,134,796,234
  • Page Views (in an RSS feed): 71,351,276

In other words, fewer than 7% of page views to WordPress blogs are via a feed reader.

I’m sure that number is much lower than most technical people would assume.  Not using a feed reader is so inefficient, eh, and who would be that silly?!

Don’t assume that everybody is like you.

6 thoughts on “Who’s using RSS?”

  1. So the competitive minded bloggers can feel comfort int he fact the visitors they have on their RSS counter are just a drop in the bucket of the people who read their perls of wisdom?
    I think it’s always good to offer an email subscription service so non-techie people who want to stay in contact can get your blog delivered to their inbox.

  2. I think in some research Nielsen Online did the RSS usage stood at 2% of internet browsers (in NZ). You need RSS so that ‘we’ can read it and search engines can be notified but it is not really used by the wider population just yet.

  3. I looked at zeynepankara. Interesting except she needs to take a class in basic English 101

    I did enjoy the pictures of the 19th century exercise equipment.

  4. Yeah 2% sounds about right, when I consider all of the people I know who don’t subscribe to one (even those than claim to work in the “online” space).

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