Niet te geloven 3-1 verloren

Picture this:

A much loved national sports team, which hasn’t won a major tournament since the late 80s goes into the latest event as one of the favourites. The team, including many of the superstars of the game, easily win all of their pool matches before being bundled out in the quarter finals to a less fancied opponent. Their army of supporters, all dressed in the same colour, and all convinced that they are the greatest team in the world, struggles to come to terms with the result.

Russia 3, Netherlands 1 (after extra-time).

I was in Amsterdam when the Netherlands lost to Portugal in the semi-finals of Euro 2004, so I can imagine what the atmosphere must be like there at the moment, after the loss to Russia this morning (NZ time).

Many of you can probably relate too, I suppose.

I’ve always maintained that the All Blacks are the rugby equivalent of Brazil, but given this result perhaps the Netherlands are a closer match?

3 thoughts on “Niet te geloven 3-1 verloren”

  1. I’m here now and while I didn’t go out to watch the game last night (jetlagged, sick) I was out for a while. No other time can you walk down the middle of the road with no cars in sight. The collective atmosphere of anticipation, depression or excitement is quite freaky.
    Almost Everyone is watching the game – sitting around big flatscreens on the street, dressed in orange, cheering wildly or collectively depressed.
    In a way it’s like the rugby in NZ – but somehow it involves more of the people, and less scary drunken-ness.

  2. I’d say the AB’s can’t be compared to Brazil- at least the Brazilians win stuff more often and they can do it away from home.

    Not sure about the Dutch being closer to the AB’s when they lose but we have *nothing* on them when they win. I was in Amsterdam a few years ago when Ajax won the leagure. Was out for a run on a Sunday afternoon completely oblivious, when I ran around the corner right into 10,000 fans letting off flares and just going off in front of the town hall. They really know how to celebrate a win. Might not have been booze fuelled but it was scary in its own right…

  3. Aside from the fact that the entire country seems blacked out when “Oranje” plays it is such a pitty! They were playing realy good and attractive football. What happened? Well these guys are all young fathers or “waiting” to become one. One of the players lost an early born child during the tournament which i.m.h.o resulted in a very sad mood for everyone in the team. Instead of cheering the joy of playing football they had to be busy helping eachother handle this. They played with mourning banners during the last game and in my opinion went down due to the real facts of life. Cheer up, next chance in 2 years.

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