First things first

Some things …

  • You can’t out train a crappy diet.
  • You can’t out save poor spending habits.
  • You can’t out work disorganisation.
  • You can’t out impress a bad reputation.

It’s amazing how often we fail to get first things first.

I’m hoping you can think of other examples to add to this list?

PS I’m sure you can think of somebody who is the exception to each of these statements, at least for a while, so maybe it’s only true in the long run, or maybe in each case it should be “it’s bloody difficult to…” rather than “you can’t…”?

4 thoughts on “First things first”

  1. Rowan, the reality is that people try to do this ALL the time. I think the key is in your last statement, in that each of these is true in the long run. You can do them and have limited success but you’ll eventually fail. Mostly because they act as hand brakes on you success. If you knew you had the hand brake on in your car you wouldn’t just push harder on the accelerator to move it. But in life we seem to do it all the time. Personally I think it is partially due our ability to focus.

    When we focus on working we don’t necessarily think about disorganisation. When we focus on saving we don’t necessarily think about poor spending habits. The ability for a human to separate these things from the other is a powerful tool in some cases, but can also be a weakness in that we may choose to focus on the wrong area. Instead of releasing hand brakes we push on accelerators. I think one of the cures to this though is outside feedback. The more open you are to sharing your problem with others the more likely they’ll point out the problem with what you’re focusing on. Of course you have to be willing to admit you have an actual problem…

  2. You can’t out dream procrastination

    You can’t out market a poor product

  3. I agree with the statement about ‘you can’t train a crappy diet’. I think that a lot of people justify their indulging on working out and/or a small amount of physical activity. The key to any sort of training is equally, if not more, about what you eat..what is fueling the training.

    Great quote/thought!


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