Self Portrait As Muppet

We went along to the gala night at the Affordable Art Show in Wellington last night.

This is the second year I’ve been, and I think it’s a cool concept: it costs $10 to get in, and all of the art displayed is for sale at prices between $50 and $5000.  As one piece is sold it is immediately replaced on the wall by another, so the selection is constantly changing (I’d love to know how many times they turnover the entire wall space over the course of the weekend – I’m guessing it’s a lot!)

I expect most people who go along find something that grabs their interest if not their wallet.  We left our bank manager trying to decide if this is the right piece for his (as yet unborn) child’s bedroom wall.

I hope he went for it!

Self Portrait As Muppet
Self Portrait As Muppet

(I don’t remember the name of the artist, and I hope he/she doesn’t mind me posting this photo – if you recognise it please let me know and I’ll update this post)

If you’re looking for something to do on a wet weekend, I recommend it.

UPDATE: The artist is Adrienne Body.  Here is a hi-res image of this painting from her site.  Love it! :-)

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait As Muppet”

  1. They need to bring this to other cities.

    There was a store in Christchurch based on this same sort of idea. I never went to it but a number of people recommended it to me.

    Unfortunately it closed up shop before I got round to visiting it. Not sure whether that was because it didn’t make enough money or that it was just a temporary thing…

  2. I cannot WAIT to head on through. I hope I can also find a muppet portrait or something similar.

    How cool is it to get a showcase of wellington’s finest artists and especially the undiscovered ones.

    Oh woe is the looming prospect of a mortgage on my ability to buy art.

    Did you get anything?

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