How’s the weather?

The tenth most visited NZ site in July with over 500,000 unique browsers…

Yup, that about sums it up doesn’t it!

Trade Me still dominates, with 2.8 million unique browsers and over 1 billion page impressions.  That’s 64% of all recorded domestic page views!  And they’re still hiring.

Meanwhile, according to latest figures there are now 1.5 million internet “subscribers” in New Zealand.  Of these 59% are broadband users (I’m not sure what definition of broadband is used here, but we’ll take it as meaning not-dial-up).  

So, while that has improved a lot in the last year (see my previous post: Broadband usage still under 50% from March 2007), that’s still a lot of dial-up users out there.

I wonder if iPhone users are counted as subscribers yet?

Usage stats from Neilsen Online, subscriber numbers from Statistics New Zealand via NZ Herald

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  1. While it’s notable that Metservice has gone gangbusters in the last month, just looking at Nielsen Online for New Zealand’s web usage has many holes. If you compare Alexa and Google Ad Planner’s data capture (which include NZer’s use of Youtube, Bebo, and Google) with Nielsen the details differ some and may paint a differing picture of Trade me’s percentage share of page views.

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