iPhone Upgrade

I picked up a 2G iPhone when I was in the US earlier in the year.

I’ve been meaning to write a review here for a while.  

Here is the short version: I love it!

Upgrading to a new 3G model doesn’t really interest me for now. I’ve added 200MB of mobile data to my existing cheap plan, and have never come close to using all of that.  So, I don’t need to upgrade to get on a better plan … in fact, it would cost me more and I’d be locked in, so I don’t really see the incentive there.  

And it doesn’t really seem to me that there are any really compelling functional, or even aesthetic, reasons to switch.  

Am I missing something?  

Until yesterday, I haven’t even felt the need to upgrade my software.  

Then Cultured Code announced an iPhone version of Things which syncs with the desktop.  That will do it for me.

So, I’m looking for somebody who can help me upgrade.  

According to iTunes I’m currently running v1.1.3.  I’d be interested to talk to anybody who has done this successfully.  I’m hoping it’s as easy as the initial unlock and jailbreak.

Also, while I’m at it …

Prior to the iPhone I used a Windows Mobile phone, and used Missing Sync to sync with my address book and calendar.  When I say sync I’m talking mostly theoretically.  It never really worked properly, randomly changing contact details around and dropping appointments into the ether.  

Very frustrating, and not really recommended at all!

What’s more, even though the software is now removed, it’s left some muddy footprints in my network settings:

There are literally hundreds of those dead connections listed.  I can only guess that it created a new entry each time I connected the phone to sync, and never cleaned up after itself.  It’s a pain because it means that this settings page takes forever to load, and I’ve also noticed that my Mac takes a long time to switch onto a different network connection (e.g. when I move between wi-fi points, or disconnect an ethernet connection).  Perhaps it’s somehow working through this list to check which connections are available?

Does anybody know a quick way to remove these?  

Any help with this would be much appreciated. :-)

5 thoughts on “iPhone Upgrade”

  1. Upgrading to 2.0 is easy as!

    bring your cable into our office next time your over and ill have it done in 10 minutes :)

  2. Hey Rowan. I’ve got my “2G” iPhone working great with the 2.0.1 firmware. Drop me a line if you still want a hand upgrading & cleansing the mac :)

  3. I (tried to) use MissingSync, too, but found it to be insanely buggy and generally a waste of time. I’d just hit the – below the list of network connections a lot of times.

    It’ll take a while, but it may be quicker than scripting it.

    I’m now using SpanningSync to move Google->Mac, and the built in syncing to go mac -> iphone. I’ve also setup the google outlook sync thing to move my work cal to a spare gmail account, then shared it to my main one, and onto my mac. It’s a total heath robinson machine, but it’s working:

    outlook -> google outlook sync -> x@gmail.com -> shared cal -> nicw@fc -> spanning sync -> mac -> iphone.

    Pity I can only get one update a day. But it’s better than carrying my laptop around to meetings.

  4. Hi Rowan,

    I’ve just moved from a 2G to a 3G iPhone.

    Prior to the newer phone I unlocked and jailbroke the 2g phone to run the 2.0 software with the pwnage tool.

    My overall feeling is that the 2.0 software is much much slower than the original on both phones – if you can put off upgrading I’d recommend it for now.

    This is getting a bit better with each revision of the software but is still not great – lots of longish lags especially opening contacts screens and text conversations – the sort of thing you use all the damn time!

    If you do “upgrade” make sure you can move to at least v2.01 for both jailbreaking and unlocking for our networks.


  5. @Gareth

    Unfortunately I’ve already upgraded last week to 2.0.1 (just a day before they released the hack for 2.0.2). And, yes, I’ve also found the same slower page transitions etc.

    I wondered if it was just because I was running newer software on older hardware, but if it’s also the same on the 3G phones that’s pretty disappointing.


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