You’ve got (too much) mail

Here’s a simple idea:

Imagine if your email server got a little bit slower each time you checked for new messages during the day.

Just a few seconds longer each time would quickly add up, if you’re one of those people who live in their inbox all day.

By later in the day it would take a couple of minutes to actually see any new messages,  That would probably be enough to break the “Get New Mail” habit.

And knowing that you only have a few opportunities for a quick response time each day would force you to be a bit more conscious about when you want to do that.

What do you think?  Would you appreciate some tough love from your email server?  If that option were available, would you use it, or are you addicted to email on demand 24/7?

7 thoughts on “You’ve got (too much) mail”

  1. After reading here about managing one’s inbox, and in the spirit of the 4hr Work Week, I no longer check my email untill 1pm everyday.

    Seems to be working. No disasters…Yet.

  2. I used to be addicted to my email 24/7, and it still bugs me when I have too many messages that I need to reply to, but I’ve gotten much more mellow about the whole thing in the last year or so. :)

  3. Who has the time? The only time I manage to check my emails constantly is when I am procrastinating.

    At all other times I’m afraid of how much i might find in there :)

  4. I don’t think this is such an imperative need with applicatiosn such as MSN and Yahoo messenger.

    While many people probably wouldn’t want use the service to actually chat, it can be useful to log on as “show me as offline,” then recieve a little pop-up when you recieve new mail. I would suggest this rather than a dely system.

    Of course, if one had a messy inbox, there might be new mail already…

  5. My Love Tom,

    I apologize that I have missed your mail (yet again!).
    But sometimes it’s not very obvious. I absolutely will check more carefully. Please accept my
    apology, okay!

    Yours truly,

    Moon Allen

  6. i think if you had the motivation to do that to yourself, you could just not check your mail

  7. read the 4-hour-work-week a couple of months ago, definitely some good ideas there…

    … frees up more time to read blogs!

    (p.s. i’m not moon allen’s “love tom”…)

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