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I can’t believe that this isn’t already more common:

The Green Microgym, which just opened last week, is a 2,800-sq-ft neighbourhood gym that generates a significant portion of its own electricity through the sweat-producing efforts of its members. … The Green Microgym uses a combination of solar and pedal electricity for a chunk of its energy needs.”

— via Springwise

I’ve always thought that they should have monitors on each bike and a display at the front of the RPM classes showing the total amount of work that everybody has done – a kind of leaderboard to spur people on.

Displaying the number of watts generated would take that to a whole new level.

Perhaps gyms could offer discounts to members who were net generators of electricity?

Or, maybe they could make you earn your warm shower, literally?

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Work it”

  1. Well, it would offset the insane fees that Les Mills charge. Seems like a good idea – I wonder if it’s because the equipment providers didn’t think of it, and now the users have to wait for the gyms to reinvest in gear to get it to work.

  2. That is an outstanding idea. I have always looked at the watts that I generate on my bike with my indoor trainer wondering if there was someway I could use that towards charging my ipod or something. Maybe there is also a market for people to have home fitness equipment that powers your tv or something. Could give new meaning to the term Couch potato…

  3. Amazing idea. A cool concept for members, simply great for the gym, and even better for society as a whole.

  4. I can see your RPM idea working.

    I’ve always thought they should make that rear wall in the RPM room a massive full screen experience, and it would be even better being able to see a scrolling or permanent display of all RPM’ers wattage/work rate. It would certainly make you work harder.

    Ring LM and get onto this one!

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