7 thoughts on “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”

  1. Add to that bad implementation of Google Maps on their Branch finder. (Its being giving an error since Friday) And they have over 122 CSS files on their homepage.

    They are now the worst major website in New Zealand according to YSlow ranking.

    Bad bad news!!!

  2. Got the same thing as well – managed to set up to bill payments and then it all turned to custard. Not a good look.

  3. ASB have really screwed up their redesign. The new marketing site has around 100 CSS files. Did this go through no performance and user testing?

  4. Lucky I can get check Xero to check what payments have come in overnight :)

    Same errors with Bank Direct this morning.

  5. ASB’s new strap line…
    Bigger. Brighter. Yellower.

    Sounds like a big piece of stinky cheese.

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