AB Testing

Do you AB test?

Lots of people talk about it, but I don’t see many examples of people actually doing it.

Here is one example I saw last week, which sounds like it produced some great results.

The key, I think, is to keep it simple.

For example, find something small you can change easily and run an experiment.  Find an appropriate ID and use a mod2 to split your audience in half.  And, track the results so you know what impact the change has made (more on this shortly).

Then rinse and repeat.

When I say small, I mean small – see this from the Google blog:

Search experiments large and small

If you’ve done AB testing I’d be interested to hear from you.

How did you do it?  What results did you get?

One thought on “AB Testing”

  1. Gidday MAte – trust the trip is going superbly and you did not break my record ! – we AB test at Sonar6 all the time around marketing messages / offers as well as search phrases / adwords.

    You learn a LOT very fast and what’s also interesting is running them regularly across diferent geographies / email lists to make sure the results a re not skewed by audience.

    It saves us money and time as we A/ B test on a sub segment of a list which is usually provided at no charge by the supplier and then apply the results to the larger drop.

    It’s really valuable and part of our process now!

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