Ski Lodge

Here is an example of a beautiful iPhone app and a simple promo website:

Ski Lodge (for iPhone)   

The UI is very easy to look at – little things make it obvious this was designed rather than just developed: like the wood grain background, bold easy to read fonts and navigation elements which have clearly been designed to be touched rather than clicked.  

I especially like the trail map link on the resort page which includes a bar chart showing the percentage of runs that are beginner, intermediate and advanced – a nice way to communicate a lot of information without adding lots of noise.

Their website is great too – a single page with screen shots and an obvious link to the App Store.  

At the moment they only cover the US and Canada, but according to ReadWriteWeb they have plans to add NZ and other countries soon.

Other apps from the same developers, all of which look just as impressive:

Also, something fun… check out Burn Ball by Tim Haines!

PS: If there are any aspiring iPhone developers out there looking for a project to get stuck into in 2009 drop me a note.

3 thoughts on “Ski Lodge”

  1. Developers? It’s just one guy: David Watanabe. He’s been doing apps with amazing usability for a long time – but I agree, Ski Lodge, even tho I’m not a skier, is pretty damn cool.

    I think this is something which never took off on the PC – crafted applications by independent developers. It’s rife on the mac tho – and I have zero problem paying $20-$50 for them (tho I think iphone apps are way under priced….. but thats another blog post – which is on my blog :) )

  2. Just grabbed Ski Lodge.. will be great when I’m in Canada end of Jan….

    Agree iPhone apps are cheap… but that’s half the fun… makes them much more approachable to try someting new… and ZERO piracy

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