Knocking the bugger off

May 4, 2009

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m enjoying following the adventures of Vaughan Rowsell, who is now more than two weeks into his attempt to ride the full length of New Zealand “uphill” (i.e. starting at the bottom and finishing at the top).

Here are the videos he has posted on his blog summarising the distance covered so far:

Week 1 – Stewart Island to Mosgiel

Week 2 – Mosgiel to Waikouaiti

He also has some route maps on his site.

What make this so exciting?  Just that he’s doing it.

In other words: what sounds impossible is actually quite achievable, which is not to say easy.

The only thing that makes him different from you (and me!) is that he has managed to bridge that massive gap between thinking about doing something great and actually making it happen.

From Twitter:

I do feel like I am doing something impossible! Something I never thought I was able to do. It’s such an awesome feeling. Try it.


It certainly beats sitting on the couch feeling fat and lazy and generally sorry for yourself.

I got to know Vaughan a little when we worked together on the first part of the Travel Bug project (then going by it’s code name “Jandals”)

He’s a pretty unassuming guy who deserves all of the credit and support that I hope he gets (en route he is raising money for The Agency for Spinal Concern).

I don’t know if he is thinking this far ahead yet … possibly only when it gets really hard grinding up a big hill or into a headwind in the rain … but the feeling he’ll have when he gets to the end is going to be crazy awesome.

I’m really looking forward to spending a day riding with him when he gets to Wellington.

Maybe two, if he’ll have me?

UPDATE (21-May)

I rode with Vaughan from Wellington to Otaki.  It was a cold wet day, and the route we took over the Akatarawas was pretty brutal, but it was fun anyway.  His blog has some details.

Since then he has continued on up the country and is now into the final week or so of his ride.

If you are in the Auckland area get out this weekend and support him as he rides across the bridge.

And, where ever you are, you can support his charity by donating through his page on Give A Little.