From The Archives: 7 Favourites

So far in this “From The Archives” series I’ve covered some of the topics that I have written about most often:

In this last instalment, I’ve included some other favourite posts that don’t necessarily fit into one of these buckets, in no particular order:

Fact-based vs Faith-based, 20th July 2009

“I think that there are basically two types of people in the world…”

You down with FPP?, 30th April 2007

“Is that really 5 years’ experience, or is it 1 year repeated 5 times?”

Holy Cow!, 12th November 2008

“Your life flashes before your eyes so frequently – as your driver lurches out into the opposite lane, one hand on the steering wheel and one hand permanently on the horn, at a speed that is much faster than the designer of the tiny little car you’re sitting in would have dreamed possible, only to discover that heading in the other direction is a public bus packed so full that people have overflowed onto the roof, while all sorts of livestock block the side of the road  – it starts to become mundane.”

Lossless, 1st February 2008

“Technology moves on quickly, but we users are not always so quick to adjust to those things that are the constraints.”

Fixing Personal Finance Software, 12th May 2008

“Do you actually need to categorise every transaction?”

Everybody is a genius in a bull market, 19th August 2007

“Prices can go up and down … think about what will influence the supply and demand over the coming years”

Start != Finish, 12th January 2009

“When the clock ticked over from 5 hours 59 minutes I went directly from ‘achieved’ to ‘failed’, which was pretty harsh.”

Thanks you to everybody who has taken time to read what I’ve written here over the last couple of years.  And, a special thank you to those who have responded, either with a comment on the site or via email – you make me smarter.

Normal service resumes shortly…