What you read

Today this blog is three years old.

This year I’ve written a lot less frequently than in the previous two years, but hopefully a bit more thoughtfully.

I mostly write for selfish reasons but, if I’m honest, I also like to know that others take the time to visit, read and sometimes comment about the things I’m thinking about.  So, thank you for that!

Some days there are more of you than others.  Over 4,000 people visited on December 14th (the busiest single day yet) to read about a small experiment I ran to try and reunite a lost camera with its owner (it worked by the way – you found him in under 30 minutes!)

That small viral moment aside, here are the top posts from the last year, as selected by your clicks:

Would you lick it? 18th August

“To be an inventor you have to be the sort of person who is tempted to lick!”

Why you love your job 30th November

“Which would you prefer: a great salary, or a great place to work?”

Keeping Score 8th May

“If you count something interesting, you will learn something interesting.”

Size vs Growth vs Acceleration 24th June

“You can tell a lot about a company by how they report their results.”

Because 29th January

“Looking at a high profile success and thinking that you just need to do the same to be successful can be quite misleading.”

I hope you enjoy your New Year, where ever you find yourself!

And, I look forward to welcoming you back here in 2010, provided I can think of something interesting to write about which tempts you to click.