Look after yourself

Feeling depressed?

According to this report from crowd-sourced health site CureTogether

If you’re feeling depressed forget about fish oil, writing a journal or caffeine.

Just go for a run, and then get a good sleep.

If you can’t get to sleep, they have a few interesting suggestions for you there too:

It’s true – sites like this really do encourage you to look after yourself!

2 thoughts on “Look after yourself”

  1. Going for a run, at least if you are that way inclined, is an absolutely fantastic way to make yourself feel better. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve felt like sh*t and then gone for a run and felt so much better :)

  2. None of them mention ‘make a plan’. Maybe they are talking about serious depression, but I find whenever I feel like not getting out of bed because everything is too overwhelming, (i.e I have no savings, I’m worried about getting new work etc etc), I make a plan (i.e save $x a week)… and just knowing that I am on some sort of track makes me feel instantly 100 times better.

    Only because sometimes I find going for a run adds to the depression if I feel tired halfway through/get a sore leg/puff too much, then I feel like I add ‘am an exercise loser’ to my list of things to be depressed about.

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