5% Done

As of today, 2011 is 5% over!

Think of all those important things you were going to get done this year. Are you 5% of the way towards getting them completed? Have you even started?

I use our Top Three iPhone app to help me sort out what stuff I should be spending my time on. The idea is to choose just three priorities each day, and then do those things, without the distraction of a complex task management system or a long overwhelming to-do list.

So simple in description and so much harder in practice. Since the start of the year I’m averaging just one out of three actually completed. And remember these were the three things that I considered most important. There is a big difference for me between being busy and being productive.

How about you?

Are you working hard on stuff that matters each day, or just working hard?

Are you on track, or is the year already slipping through your fingers?

There’s still 95% to go, but you need to get going.

3 thoughts on “5% Done”

  1. That’s a real wake up call.

    However it seems that I, and many others have already achieved some early wins in the ‘relax’, ‘travel’ and ‘family’ categories of goals. Those are just as or even more important than the other ones.

  2. Nice one rowan
    Just bought the software top three
    perfect – and so bloody hard to do.
    Isnt that incredible we need software to help us do 3 things and we still fail!
    whats the deal.
    Less is definitely more eh!

    1. Excellent Richard.

      I’m pleased you like Top Three. Tell your friends!

      It is bloody hard, and I think this is why most to-do software is so complicated – much more satisfying, in the short-run at least, to complete lots of inconsequential little tasks than to be constantly reminded of the much smaller list of important stuff.

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